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5 Minute Workout


- Do you want to get the body of your dreams, lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle but you don't have time or money for the gym?- Then you're in the right place, the 5 Minute Workout is the most amazing app that will help you reach your fitness goals whether it is burning body fat, getting six pack abs, or improving your cardiovascular activity for FREE!!
- With a variety of bodyweight exercises that are accommodated for everyone just like you and me, start working on your cardio, your abdominal muscles and your lower body only using your bodyweight, no need for any equipments, and the best part of it is that you can do it in less than 5 minutes a day, you have no excuses to get the body you always wanted, all it takes is to get through the 5 minutes workout challenge every day.
- Why the 5 minute Workout is the right fitness app for you? * Suggest bodyweight workouts adapted for all body types. * Display video and text descriptions for each exercise. * Voice prompted, no need looking at your device. * No need for a timer. * Track your workout progress. * Pause and resume the workout any time you want. * Beautiful and simple User Interface. * Adjust exercise duration and rest time between exercises. * Share your workout with your friends on social media #5minuteWorkout. * No need for internet connectivity. * All content is FREE (no additional charges).
if you have any suggestions, your feedback is very welcome, we strive to make the best quality products for you, feel free to contact us any time.